About Us

Muon is first of its kind permissioned Blockchain based platform for Electricity Retailing, REC trades, peer to peer electricity trades & for running sustainability programs. Additionally, we help consumers to answer following critical questions related to their electricity consumption:

How my peers consume electricity?
How much electricity I really need?
What kind of electricity contract best meet my needs?
How can I track my electricity consumption in real time?
How can I save electricity and be rewarded for my sustainable ways?

We are working on launching above functions for our customers. Meanwhile, please download our App to compare best offers suited to your needs from the current retailers.

Our Technology

Blockchain Technology has opened a whole new bunch of opportunities to streamline transactions along the utility value chain. Energy or Electricity Market is the front runner among the utility value chains that is embracing the Blockchain technology from smart grid management, green credit trading, wholesale energy trading, p2p energy trading to streamlining billing processes. As the desire to move away from generating electricity from fossil fuel plants to sustainable but volatile means of power generation through wind and solar power plants, has accelerated the adoption of Blockchain technology. The primary reason for this is there is no central authority to manage and control electricity flow and financial payment; and thus the market is adopting a decentralized marketplace. The current Blockchain’s consensus mechanism such as Proof of Work (PoW) uses very high computing power and therefore more electricity. On the other hand the Proof of Stake (PoS) which was proposed as an energy efficient alternative by Ethereum Foundation suffers “nothing at stake” problem.

Muon blockchain uses alternate consensus mechanism “Proof of Consumption (PoC)” that still provides legitimacy of the transactions, uses "much less computing power and electricity while providing a safer network" that can handle security attacks and support sustainability.

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